Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Communication and Sendcere... The all important connection

Communication. We all do it - we do it for business and for personal reasons. Sometimes it takes the form of romantic messages, others informational, directional, or even promotional. But how do we communicate? 

Twenty First Century technologies enable us to communicate instantly, or in a delayed fashion. At first glance, instant would always seem to be preferable - you know, by email, text, skype, or even a phone call, but all of these realistically leave no lasting trace. That is, once the call ends, and the communication ceases, there is no permanent reminder (necessarily) of the exchange. 

Yes, one can save an email, or take notes, but just as often, with the click of a mouse, the email is deleted and without notes, again, no permanent reminder of the intent of the message remains. 

Written communications, at least in this writers view tend to have greater impact and remain in one's possession for a longer period of time. Of all the variants of written communication, the greeting card seems to be unique - sometimes festive, other times somber, but always evoking emotion while able to communicate by the written word at the same time. 

Traditionally however, greeting card messages have been quite brief and the images are, well, the best one can find in a card store - or in the card aisle at the local market! 

There has always been a need for a greeting card that can be personalized and customized, and thanks to a company called Send Out Cards, it is now possible to create the "perfect card". 

send out cards
Customize and create the PERFECT card with Send Out Cards

What defines the perfect card? In your writers view, it is the ability to add your own images - as many as you wish. Images can refresh a memory, evoke an emotion, or in themselves communicate a message. 

The written message in the perfect card should be in ones own hand - modern technology addresses this with a personal handwriting font! And, should be able to be located anywhere in (or on) the card and in any size or color. 

For a business, the perfect card should be able to be automated (for birthdays, holidays, thank-you's etc.) and for the individual, it should be a creative release. 

This is why Send Out Cards has created Sendcere. A collection of (soon) hundreds of thousands of cards. Cards for every occasion and every reason. Cards - real cards that can be used "as is" or modified for ones specific purpose and message. 

Sendcere - Send Out Cards' answer to Pinterest

You see, the "magic" begins on one's computer, laptop or smart phone - creating the perfect card, but then a "send" button is clicked - effectively sending a request to a printer in Salt Lake City to print the card, place it in an envelope, address and stamp it - and even include a gift if desired! 

Sendcere - which is patterned after Pinterest, will likely follow its massive growth curve (now at 70 million users) and will truly place this tiny company, Send Out Cards, "on the map".

A brief video detailing Sendcere can be found here...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 in the United States: Increased Personal and Home Security WILL BE A MAJOR TREND

Are things about to change in the United States?

Most people in our nation live their lives knowing the relative risk to their persons and to their property (including their home) is relatively small. Are traditionally "safe" areas about to become un-safe? Are we about to become insecure even within our own homes?

Read on for my thoughts on this issue and how you can prepare for the trend for an increased need for personal and home security for yourself and your loved ones.

Experts are saying that we are about to face MUCH TOUGHER times in 2010. Considering what happened over the course of the past two years, that is a tough statement to process and believe...but I for one believe its true. Why? Look at the following:

1) Unemployment (real) is near 20% and could get worse - especially since the administration seems to be committed to instituting policies that will not help small business (generates 80% of the employment in our nation) to grow.

2) National debt is out of control and congress is spending like drunken sailors (my apologies to drunken sailors!) This will impact our nations credit rating; puts the dollar at risk and could trigger a collapse of the stock market.

3) Think you don't care about the stock market? Where you do you think your retirement and pension plans are invested?

4) Foreign events could worsen - the war in Afghanistan; Iran's pursuit of nuclear power; Russia's erratic behavior, etc.

5) The potential for another terror strike still exists in the U.S. - consider yesterday's flight into Michigan!

So...what to do...what to do... here is my plan:

I am positioning myself AHEAD of what I see as the next big trend: people will WANT and NEED home alarm systems and PERSONAL ALARMS (not to mention - a good identity theft plan!) There is one company that offers products and services in all three areas: SAFEGUARD.

Essentially Safeguard represents an opportunity for YOU to

1) protect yourself, your loved ones and your home (even if the "worst case scenario" does not materialize, Safeguards products are a good idea for ALL to have anyway)


Want to learn more?


to get started right away/purchase our products:


NOTE: There is a MAJOR PROMOTION that will END on 12.31.09 - contact me immediately if you are serious about taking action with Safeguard. For additional details - see here soon... http://safeguard.networksuccesssystems.com

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Please be on the lookout for my NEW blog SOON! An entirely NEW and IMPROVED look and feel is coming. In the meantime, please excuse the lack of visuals on this page.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Selecting a Solid Company

Making the right decision…

A primer on Network Marketing Companies

You will find that, true wealth is created in Network Marketing only when a certain set of factors are all in place. You must join the right opportunity at the right time if you want to create a rock star lifestyle. It’s critical that you are in place when exponential growth (also sometimes called momentum) is about to take effect.

Now of course everyone thinks that his or her program is poised for momentum, but a study of the industry and the different categories of our industry reveal that this is not necessarily true. Here is a review of the five categories

Category 1 - “The Bottle Rockets”

Bottle Rocket companies actually often do experience an exponential growth curve. After an initial growth phase, their downward trajectory is even more dramatic - once they experience the regulator scrutiny that is inevitable for schemes like these.

It’s important to understand that the opportunities in this category are NOT Network Marketing programs, even though they often claim otherwise. These would include chain letters, recipe clubs, the airplane game, the magic gas pill, and other schemes that are just excuses for people to move money to the top of the structure. They are illegal or at best borderline legal and they can cause real harm to real people.

Category 2 - “The Old Guard”

These are companies that hit and actually sustained momentum for a significant period of time. They are now billion-dollar-plus companies and have already created legacy incomes for people who got in early and became a reason for their growth. These are fine companies offering stability and the chance for a steady income. One name that comes to mind is Amway, another is Shaklee.

There is an important “but” to the above… most industry experts would agree that your chances of creating significant wealth with them now have expired. They have reached a level of maturity that almost always prevents a new person from starting with them today and creating large bonus checks or exponential growth.

Category 3 - “The Flat-liners”

These companies are the bridesmaids that never got to be the bride. They have been around for a long period of time, but never hit that exponential growth curve. The only growth they have, if any, is incremental growth, usually coming from opening new markets. In the markets they have been operating in for a long time, these companies have failed to capture the imagination of the public.

There are many reasons these companies did not reach momentum. Often it is because their products are not viable; their compensation plan does not promote the correct behavior, or they have inexperienced or poor management.

These companies often tout their longevity and suggest that momentum is imminent or “right around the next corner”, but history has shown that the companies that reach momentum today do so in the early years. It’s virtually impossible to create substantial wealth with a flat-line company, unless you are willing to stick it out literally for a decade or more.

Category 4 - “The Peddlers”

These companies often create more misunderstanding and broken dreams in the business than any other. Because most people are not aware of the distinction between the small business model (primarily retailing products) and the big business model (developing duplication and creating a large team of distributors that produces large group volume).

These programs include the numerous party plan companies, phone and utility services, legal plans, discount cards, air and water purifiers, insurance, and other plans that are geared for salespeople. The big problem with these scenarios is that they completely miss the formula for creating wealth in Network Marketing:

“Get a large group of people – to do a few
simple actions– over a consistent period of time.”

The reality is about 10 percent of any population could be classified as having the ability to sell. That small ten percent has developed selling skills, they have no fear of rejection, and they are constantly on the lookout for new prospects. They drive around in their car all day listening to motivational recordings and say things like, “I LOVE to hear a ‘no,’ because I know after another eight ‘no’s’ I’m going to get to a ‘yes!’”

If 10% are able to sell, what about the remaining 90% of us who can’t? Most of us don’t know how to sell, and we hate the very idea of it, and to top it off… we’re deathly afraid of rejection. Further, most of us don’t want to wear buttons with corny slogans on their clothes, make cold calls, and chase after strangers at the shopping mall. They will use the products themselves and they feel comfortable referring them to a select group of friends. But they don’t feel at ease in a sales role or turning their garage into a warehouse!

As a result, these 90 percent do not do well in the peddler companies. They may join initially after a good product experience, but they soon are out of their comfort zone and usually drop out, or remain customers but do not actively build the business.

Naturally if we want to follow the first part of the formula – get a large group of people to do a few simple actions – it makes sense that we would tailor our approach to the 90 percent, not the 10 percent. That is the fatal flaw in the peddler companies, in that their approach is geared to the ten percent of sales types.

A strong salesperson can produce a large income in one of these companies, but it will be dependent on their own personal constant activity to replace the “churn”-- the large number of people that drop out each month. Of course this means that they don’t have any truly passive income, making them destined to be grinders for as long as they work the program.

Category 5 - The “Holy Grail”

Here is where true wealth is most often created in Network Marketing. This is an emerging company that possesses what it takes to hit and sustain momentum, and become the next billion-dollar success story. This is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are created!

Now of course every new company believes they are the next “chosen one.” And the distributors that prospect you aren’t intentionally telling you an untruth. They honestly believe what they’re saying. Unfortunately most do not have enough experience, knowledge and perspective to really understand what’s required for a company to go into momentum.

As you know by now, Robby Fender, Daren Falter, Corey Citron and many other experienced industry leaders believe Yoli Enterprises has all the necessary factors to become the next category five company. It’s important to understand that these people are all leaders with combined experience of over a century, have made millions of dollars in the business, and helped thousands of distributors reach higher levels of success. They’re not easily swayed and they have the knowledge and perspective of how momentum is really created.

We can look at the successful companies that have reached and sustained momentum in the past, and look for the commonalities they all have. ALL of these are present with Yoli. Here’s a review of those commonalities:

1) A Sizzle Product Line.

There are many great products in the world, but they aren’t all great for Network Marketing. The best products for the business are unique, exclusive, and highly consumable. Some other factors to consider…

The average person has to be able to understand your products in a 30-second elevator speech. If you need 10 lab reports or five hours of doctor recordings for people to “get” your products, it doesn’t meet the formula for creating wealth. This is the reason many of the flat-line companies do not hit exponential growth.

History has shown that non-consumable products like water filters and air purifiers don’t sustain themselves long-term. Likewise history has shown companies with products like these can create some initial excitement through front-end loading or hype, but they don’t pan out in the long haul.

One of the other shocking truths is that one-product companies don’t hold their own over the long term. Like the non-consumables, they can create some initial excitement. But there simply is not enough volume produced to sustain the compensation plan and reward top leaders. At some point they recognize that distributors in other companies with the same size organization make substantially more money than they do. So even if they love their product and their company, they ultimately make a business decision and choose to build a business elsewhere. This has been demonstrated countless times in the last decade with the dozens of magic berry juice companies.

The Yoli product line is the first fresh new product idea in almost 15 years in the industry. People “get” the idea of the blast cap technology, and the caps themselves are probably the sexiest most demonstrable product samples in the business. Moreover, the future expansion of the Yoli product line will ensure longtime residual incomes.

2) Proper Capitalization.

This one is pretty simple, yet it’s shocking how many start-up ventures don’t have enough money to survive the inevitable bumps in the road. The Yoli founders knew from the very start that they would be embarking on an expansion plan that is unprecedented in our industry until now. And they recognized that to do it right required millions of dollars. Each of the six founders are heavily personally invested in Yoli.

3) Management Depth.

Yoli was the vision of the President Robby Fender and the other 5 Founders highlighted below, combined they have over 100 years experience in the network marketing industry. Robby is a passionate entrepreneur, and he is personally responsible for the success of tens of thousands of people in Network Marketing around the world.

Robby Fender Founder and President

Robby Fender is the spark of Yoli, the real deal. With his unmatched enthusiasm, infectious personality, and million dollar smile, Robby wins over anyone he meets in seconds. Robby truly loves people. Those who know him agree that his genuine care and concern for people make him one of the most effective leaders in network marketing today.

Successful businessmen will generally achieve status by focusing on a profitable niche. Robby Fender is one of those rare breeds who excel in multiple areas of life and business. Name another network marketing business founded by an individual with success as a corporate owner, who has experience with multiple business start-ups, who is an expert with money management and investments, and who has also built enormous downlines as an independent distributor. Robby Fender is one in a million.

Rick Eisele Founder and Chief Operations Officer

When you plan to build a monster, you've got to have someone onboard that understands how to manage growth. Rick is quite frankly one of the most incredible money, resources, and people managers in business today. Just spend a few hours with Rick in heavy business discussion and not only will you discover his amazing talent for negotiating, but you’ll realize that he has an extremely rare gift for creating win-win opportunities that benefit all parties.

Rick has done nothing but start successful businesses since his early twenties and understands what it takes to grow a business from the ground up. With Rick Eisele, no matter what size the company is, the business is highly profitable and stable. In over 26 years of business, Rick has produced healthy profits in 300 of 307 months. These results are unheard of. Most of all, Rick has always demonstrated honesty and integrity in business, even when standing alone against impossible odds. He holds high standards for himself and sets the example for his employees and partners with an unmatched work ethic and a love for entrepreneurship.

Michael Prichard Founder and Executive VP

Michael Prichard’s belief in building multiple streams of income has served him well over the last decade as he has amassed a fortune in commercial and residential real estate in Australia, throughout Asia, and in the US. Michael is the founder of thirteen successful companies. At the same time, Michael has built massive network marketing downlines in over 20 countries including the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Like the rest of the Yoli founders, Michael is involved with network marketing because he enjoys all of the things network marketing brings. An inspiring speaker and trainer, Michael is one of the best recruiters in the business and he has a wit and charm about him that instantly turns all around him into fast friends. Michael loves to travel, discover new cultures and be with people of all customs. Let’s face it, when done right, network marketing is a lot of fun, and Michael is usually at the center of that fun.

Daren Falter Founder and Executive VP

As one of the most prominent authors and consultants for the network marketing industry in the past decade, Daren brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on all facets of the industry. Daren is the author of the MLM industry wide best seller "How to Select a Network Marketing Company", originally published as a manuscript in 1996 and now in its 6th revision. This book is considered the quintessential resource for helping new distributors select the most successful network marketing venture.

Based on his twenty year career in network marketing, ten as a top consultant to hundred million dollar companies and start-ups, Daren understand the needs of both new and established MLM companies and knows how to attract the right team of top corporate executives and employees as well as key vendors. But what sets Daren apart from the other others and consultants in the industry is that he has actually done it. He has built large downlines into the tens of thousands of distributors while maintaining all of his other businesses and responsibilities. Daren is considered one of the most ethical and integrous leaders in the network marketing industry.

Bobby Jones Founder and Chief Logistics Officer

When you are growing a company as quickly as Yoli, you need someone who has experience managing people. Who better than Bobby Jones who started and built a multi-million dollar security and staffing company from scratch that has now employed over 5,000 people. In that time, Bobby has been responsible for the security at major events including the NBA All Star Game, the MLB World Series, the NFL Superbowl, the Latin Grammy’s, HBO Boxing, multiple world tour concerts including U2, Madonna, Sting and many more.

Bobby coined the motto, ‘Respect through Performance’ and has developed a corporate management team and culture that both cares about the job and the people they serve. Bobby has been involved in the network marketing industry for over ten years and firmly believes in the network marketing business model as the premier way for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results and lifestyle. His entrepreneurial instincts, business skills, integrity and love for people made him an obvious choice as Yoli's Chief Logistics Officer.

Corey Citron Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Corey is one of the most recognized names in the entire industry. A highly educated Stanford University Graduate, Corey is one of the best platform speakers and trainers in network marketing. Widely considered an online marketing genius, Corey’s online promotion and recruiting systems are legendary. Anyone who has ever attended one of Corey’s live events will tell you that it's more like attending a rock concert or Cirque Du Soleil, with bands, magicians, even hula dancers, in addition to some of the most rock solid training imaginable. Corey brings a dynamic that truly gives Yoli the unfair advantage.

I’ve heard top leaders boast of organizations in the thousands of distributors, and even tens of thousands. When you start getting into the hundreds of thousands like Corey has done, you start to realize how thin the air is up there. Corey has all of the right dynamics to move the masses toward a better tomorrow with Yoli. With Corey Citron on board, Yoli is now playing at an entirely new level.

4) A Compensation Plan that Provokes the Correct Behavior.

Since the Network Marketing industry began in the late 1950s, compensation plans have evolved to keep pace with the changing market conditions. Plans that worked great in the 1970s didn’t necessarily perform well in the 1980s. And plans that served well in the 1990s often don’t pass the market demands of today.

Recognizing this reality, the founders of being successful distributors realized all key points they would want from a pay play so that it incorporates the very best elements of the four old-style compensation plans, but leave out the limiting characteristics of each and they have incorporated these compensation strategies to make one of the most lucrative cutting edge pay plans in our industry

The breakeven bonus. Associates only need 2-6 customers in order to break even or get their monthly auto ship for free. Typically it takes your average network marketing company 20-50 customer on auto ship ever month just to get your product paid for

So if you are looking for a company to build a strong, solid, and ongoing income, then Yoli should be at the top of your list. The company is offering up to nine different ways to earn. Most of them are of the residual variety, and they have pioneered the Leveraged Matching bonus, the most important innovation in compensation of the last 15 or 20 years.

Most importantly, the plan is designed to reward people for taking the correct behavior! Instead of the break-away plans that reward people for sponsoring 40 wide and ignoring their team, the hybrid plan rewards you for working in-depth and developing new leaders.

The Yoli Hybrid Plan offers you the potential for high earnings at each stage of your business: Fast start money when you begin, transitional income as you grow the network, and residual security once your group is built. There has never been a compensation plan so expertly crafted to reward you what you are really worth!

That brings us to the fifth element – the one that may be the most important…

5) Field Leadership.

The truth is, no company can put itself in momentum. This has to be created by the field leadership --the people who are actually in the trenches, recruiting, training, and supporting the team. As you read above, Yoli has attracted a large number of some of the most successful multi-million-dollar producers in the industry. They have built the support structure that can help you build your dreams with Yoli. There are four components that make up this support, and they are what allows you to escape the grinder mentality and become a true success.

* The Timing
As we demonstrated on the top of this article when you find the Holy Grail of network marketing you find a company that is positioned to be the next major mover in the market place prior to the masses finding out about it. The company needs to have all the 5 elements in place in order to have long term sustainability and these are all the characteristics you will find with Yoli.

* The System
The Goyoli is a step-by-step system for you to follow. No matter what your education level, experience, or age, you’ll follow a proven road map to building a successful network. These leaders know the best ways to build a network and created a system utilizing all that, so everyone has the same opportunity for success. The system prevents it from being all about you, which is the sure path to being a grinder--and instead provides a framework anyone can follow. Further, we are specialists in Internet marketing! We can help you build your business literally from border to border!

* The Infrastructure
An important element of the system is having the proper infrastructure in place to apply it. You’ll find powerful recruiting materials such as this magazine, DVDs, audios, websites and many other marketing materials in place. These resources allow you to get started fast, even if you have never been in the business before.

* The Training
Another critical element is the training on how you use the system and the infrastructure--and we’ve got that covered! You have the benefit of weekly Leadership Training Calls, webcasts, local, regional, and international training events. Our annual events such as Yoli World and the Leadership Retreat offer you high-level training on how to build your team and create a residual income money machine with Yoli.

So the next move is yours:

  • If you have tried MLM but failed…
  • If you’re in the business, but can’t seem to get any traction…
  • If you sponsor lots of people, but they don’t duplicate…
  • If you’re not earning what you know you’re really worth…
  • If you’re ready to become a true MLM Rock Star…

Yoli is the place for you!

If you’re ready to join BlastCaps Global team,
or need more information to make a decision,
please visit our Yoli Review website.

Alan Sills

Internet Marketing Specialist

A founding distributor in the Yoli Family


561 676 1205

Friday, October 30, 2009

Are "Home Based Business Opportunities for Real?"

Often it sounds too good to be true...Earning an income from the comfort of your own home (or the nearest Starbucks!) is the reason why so many home based business seekers search the Internet daily and grasp at every "deal" sent their way…its truly understandable as they yearn for the financial freedom. Financial freedom means different things to different people - more time with the kids, more time to travel, ability to take care of loved ones - at the core is the desire to have the lifestyle that one dreams of but doesn't really believe they can achieve.

With the economic challenges we currently face, it’s no wonder why more people every day are looking for a "business opportunity" that includes a passive income flow."

The fact is, when you are working for someone else other than yourself, your limiting your income potential - essentially you're being bought at wholesale and sold at retail - with YOUR efforts making someone else rich! However, when you join a network marketing or MLM company and you work at building that business, you are actually working on building passive income that grows more and more month after month, year after year after all of the hard work you put into it in the beginning. The results can be staggering! You see, many folks can envision earning 50,000 or 75,000 or even 100,000 dollars a year...but wasn't there a time where that seemed like an income that was just "out of reach"? Now, you know better. If I were your coach, and I told you that you can earn $100,000. in a year with hard work, most people would believe me - especially skilled or professional employees. Network marketing affords you the opportunity to earn this kind of money in a month rather than in a year! Read on to learn how.

When it comes to business opportunities today, most people are so overwhelmed with the shear numbers that you do not know which way to turn! Most of them offer great compensation plans and there may be some where you are really attracted to the product or service that they have to offer and that is great. But, it’s not always about the compensation plan or the product or service. It’s about creating a marketing funnel that can help you generate leads along with immediate income so that you can fund your network marketing or MLM business expenses. Essentially it’s about turning your expenses into profit centers!

So, what exactly is a marketing funnel and how can you profit from it?

I want you to imagine a triangle. The very top of the triangle is a pointed tip which is the beginning of your marketing funnel. This comes in a form of what is called a lead capture page - this page is informational and gives the viewer/reader just a bit of whats to come in the way of how you plan to coach or mentor them along with the content you can provide to help them build their business.

A lead capture page is a one page website where you can “capture leads” which you can do by including an opt-in web form so that your prospects can enter their name and email address which will be placed on your auto responder. An auto responder allows you to track your leads and send your leads automated emails. It may sound complicated right now, but don’t worry…read on!

Once you have your lead capture page and auto responder set up, you can now start marketing it to the world on the Internet by way of social media, forums, video marketing, articles, blogs, PPC, SEO, etc.

When your leads start going through your marketing funnel, they will be exposed to information or training that you can provide to them which will encourage them to make an informed decision whether or not they want to pay for what it is that you have to offer, which includes any training, mentoring, or value added products and services. By doing do, you will be well on your way to creating big profits!

There are many plug and play marketing systems that offer great information and resources that you can take advantage of. However, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the amount of information that you will be exposed to. So, it’s important to find a step by step, paint by numbers type of system that will show you how to build a successful and profitable internet business in an organized way.

I myself have been a part of several marketing systems, and the one that seems to be the easiest and most profitable is Jonathan Budd's 7 Figure Networker Mastermind System... and the best part is, you can use it to build ANY Network Marketing or MLM business! Plugging into this system will allow you to earn big profits from a Residual Income Business Opportunity, perhaps for years or even the rest of your life.

You can learn more about it here: http://www.YourSocialMediaMentors.com You can also check out my business projects by visiting the links along the left side of my blog.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random thoughts on lots of things

Its been a big week. Learned a lot - about business, new projects and made new friendships. At age 51, I continue to be amazed at how much growth is still possible! When I taught high school, I thought that much growth occurred between birth and 5 yrs and between about 18 - 23 yrs old - now I'm not so sure - it might even be later in life, or perhaps I'm just slow!

Nationally, I'm enjoying tracking the political and economic landscape. My thoughts? For what they're worth - I believe that the economy is about to get significantly worse. To me, that of course means opportunity. For those of us who are willing to step out of the traditional 40/40/40 plan (work 40 hours/week for 40 years and retire on 40% of what was not enough to begin with!), rewards will be great - but - only if they are willing to work and employ effective systems (and make solid choices.)

Solid choices begin with finding a business to represent and build. I have chosen to build more than one - you can see the links along the left side of my blog - farther down the page. I do this because I believe in multiple income streams and believe in all the companies I "rep". Further, why not have variety in life? With the ability to market to people on (soon) a worldwide basis, you can certainly build more than 1 team!

And...make no mistake - Internet marketing is powerful if you find the right mentors. I'd like to think I have with Jonathan Budd's system. Jonathan is a young man with incredible potential and has helped me immensely in just the few weeks I've been in his system.

So, allow me to wrap up with this - as the economy declines, more people will be willing to step out of their comfort zones and will consider building their own businesses. Internet marketing is becoming a powerful agent through which average individuals can build solid incomes and with the right program(s) - residual income.

If you are not already working with me, I welcome you to contact me and lets talk about how I can best serve you. Servant leadership is a key to success in life!! I would like to be remembered for helping as many people as I can before I leave this current life.

I'd like to begin serving you by sharing this - I'd like to send you a FREE e-copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. All I ask is you connect with me by becoming a follower of this blog. As soon as you add yourself as a follower, email me (profsci@gmail.com) and I'll send you your copy of Think and Grow Rich.

With that - have a great day and truly, truly, truly, enjoy life!